CatsEye™ Video Inspection System

catseyeThe CatsEye Videoscope System integrates high-end features in a low-cost instrument. A small waterproof 5.5mm OD probe houses a miniature high resolution CMOS camera and LED light sources in its tip. Realtime images are displayed on a light handheld 3.5″ TFT color display. Digital photos and video clips are stored on a removeable SD memory card and can be digitally transfered via USB for post-inspection reporting. Highly affordable, the CatsEye™ Videoscope is a natural choice for every maintenance or reliability specialist.

The CatsEye Integrated Videoscope / Viewer / Recorder combines a pocket digital video recorder with a 3.5″ color display, and a huge 1 Gb (expandable to 2.0 Gb) removeable memory card which offers the following customer benefits:

  • Small 5.5 mm OD probe assembly in lengths of 1M, 2M, 3M, 5M, 10M, 20M & 30M allows customers to inspect most critical equipment
  • Field replaceable probe reduces cost of ownership
  • One-handed operation simplifies inspection process while improving user safety
  • Push-button selectable, still or video clip image recording expands users reporting capability
  • 4 integral LED lights controlled from main unit
  • Standard jpeg (640×480) & video clip files (320×240) are transfered by USB cable
  • Rechargeable Li-poly battery provides up to 4 hours of service on a single charge
  • Low cost – starting at under $2,000.00 reduces operator costs
  • Now available with a comprehensive list of optional accessories to improve system functionality

The CatsEye Videoscope offers all the above features in a package weighing under 3 kg – including display, probe and storage case!

Now AvailableCatsEye II: comes with the same great features as Spectrum’s original CatsEye, however the CMOS camera probe is replaced with CCD camera capability; this allows the CatsEye II to function with the accessories provided with Spectrum’s SnakeEye Video Inspection system.


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