Keep Your Cup of Tea Warm

Winter is setting in and you can already feel the nip in the air. That is what reminds us of a tea cosy (or tea cozy) – a cover for a teapot, traditionally made of cloth or wool, which is used to insulate the tea keeping it warm while it brews. Tea cosies are embroidered, may be to compliment a fine set of china. Some have been made with hidden pockets to be filled with fragrant herbs or flowers, similar to pot pourri. Remember tea cosies in fiction include the eponymous items in Edward Gorey’s The Haunted Tea Cosy: A Dispirited and Distasteful Diversion for Christmas.

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Online Shopping

Festive season is about to start. That brings me to an idea about shopping and how people buy gifts and other products online. Shopping is an old phenomenon but the ways to shop have changed with the advent of the World Wide Web. Now savvy users turn to the Internet, look around and shop online. Shopping online is not only convenient and saves time and money, this way users can see more and compare. That is the best part and it can’t be done while shopping on ground.

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Consumer’s Behavior

Living in the age of technological boob, consumers have exponentially growing choices to use new products, gadgets and tools in life as well as work, making lives much easier. It is some time overwhelming for consumers to decide which newer gadget to use. Producers, manufacturers and marketers, on the other hand, are doing their best to provide all related information in the form of users manuals, operating manuals and other related bits and pieces of information in order to facilitate consumers to make informed decisions.

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Toward Vertical Search Engine

The great strength of the World Wide Web search is that it can locate out vast amounts of documents matching to what any user may be asking for. The great weakness is that the documents may not be like anything close to what user had asked for.

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How you use your iPhone?

How you use your iPhone? Well the answers depend whom you are asking. In addition to making calls and using it as MP3 player iPhone can do much more. What is more, Apple has made it possible for anyone to create their own applications for the iPhone and this special feature is being fully utilized by software developers to create new and innovative uses for the phone. Hence it is no more possible to fully see the possible uses. Only some of them can be surmised here.

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