Mr Handsfree FM601 Universal Music FM transmitter

The Mr Handsfree FM601 allows you to play music saved on your audio device over the speakers of your car!  It’s compatible with any audio source that uses a 3.5-mm headphone jack, including laptops, smartphones, iPhoneTM, iPod® or iPad® , mobile phones MP3 players, tablets, GPS devices and more. Simply click the FM601 into your audio device, set the frequencyand  the FM601 will play your music over the car radio through the car spe   » . . . . . Continue reading → Mr Handsfree FM601 Universal Music FM transmitter

Choose a Toaster

Toasters are very commonly used products. Those who follow the evolution of different technological tools know that the pop-up toaster was invented in the 1920s and now many manufacturers are offering different types of toasters to meet the varying needs consumers all over the world.

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Gender Preferences


Lately, a survey about gender computing preferences crossed my desk top. The survey cover a lot of areas from what men and women do differently when online. Inspired by the survey, we at Techno Station presents our own empirical observations.

Machines cant differentiate between users; who is man and who is women. But users’ preferences and the ways users work on computers can clearly indicate who is who? Male users prefer faster download speed to easier navigation and quick toggling between portals and multi tasking. Female users prefer easier usage, easier navigations, and easier accessibility instead.   » . . . . . Continue reading → Gender Preferences

What to Do With Your Disused Gadgets

gadgetsTechno Station presents newer gadgets days after days and readers buy gadgets now and again that suits them most. This brings up a question that has environmental connotation? When you have got a new gadget -digital camera or, smartphone or laptop or even a USB, what do you do with the old one?   » . . . . . Continue reading → What to Do With Your Disused Gadgets

The Fastest Green Car

2009-ultimate-aeroOne problem with green auto engineering is that you have to sacrifice speed to support ecology. No more! Shelby SuperCars is introducing twin three phase AC motors as the powertrain for a 500 hp car that they say will be the fastest in the world. It is expected that Ultimate Aero EV will have run at the rate of 200 mph and more. The 90 kg all-electric scalable powertrain recharges in 10 minutes.

Recently, Shelby SuperCars released the details of their revolutionary All Electric Scalable Powertrain (AESP). AESP will be incorporated into the current Ultimate Aero to create the Ultimate Aero EV.   » . . . . . Continue reading → The Fastest Green Car

Sky is the Limit

airbusI have always wanted to travel on a Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 – the world’s largest jetliner, which claims luxurious suites enclosed by sliding doors, double beds, a bar and the quietest interior of any plane.

The Airbus can carry 455 passengers and a crew of crew of about 30 including four pilots. The double-decker aircraft, powered by four Rolls Royce Trent 900 engines is huge and very comfortable, even in economy class.

The A380 ends the nearly 37 year honor of the American Boeing 747 jumbo jet as the world’s most spacious passenger plane. The A380 is also the most fuel efficient and quietest passenger jet ever built, from inside and outside, according to its European manufacturer, Airbus SAS.   » . . . . . Continue reading → Sky is the Limit

Men and Machines

automationLet me start this post with one old personal observation. I remember the time when newspapers were composed manually. An army of composers used to sit in lines and put the words together for us to read with morning cup of tea. That was old time. Now things have changed. Now when I go to newsroom, I see few people sitting on computers who quickly type and the print is off the stone in a jiffy. Technologies have taken over jobs done by human hands.   » . . . . . Continue reading → Men and Machines

Design Process

design-processExploring a few places online anyone can see how designs change over time. Innovations, newer developments, ergonomics, cost, market demands and many other factors drive the engineers to design. In the process, the better one stay in the market and gain popularity where many more fad away; beaten out by market forces. Question is where is it leading us – the users?   » . . . . . Continue reading → Design Process

Future lies in Nanotechnology

difffgear_povrayNanotechnology – also called Nanotech – as per popular literature is a field whose theme is the control of matter on an atomic and molecular scale. Generally nanotechnology deals with structures of the size 100 nanometers or smaller, and involves developing materials or devices within that size.
Extremely diverse from novel extensions of conventional device physics, to completely new approaches based upon molecular self-assembly, to developing new materials with dimensions on the nanoscale, even to speculation on whether we can directly control matter on the atomic scale, Nanotechnology is creating wonders and analysts say that future lies in Nanotechnology.   » . . . . . Continue reading → Future lies in Nanotechnology

Have AURA of Motorola Around You

motorola-auraInspired by luxury watches and handcrafted design, AURA is a unique mobile handset that breaks convention and re-establishes creativity in mobile device design and manufacturing. Combining superb craftsmanship and a distinctive interface, AURA delivers a sensory experience that is second to none for those with refined tastes. From the moment AURA owners pick up their devices, they elevate their own experience in luxury and unmatched quality.   » . . . . . Continue reading → Have AURA of Motorola Around You

Ultimate Pioneer KURO PDP-5020FD Plasma TV

pioneer_kuroPioneer was founded in 1938 in Tokyo, Japan by Nozomu Matsumoto – a man with a passion for music that he hoped to share with the world through high quality audio speakers. That passion began with a small operation to repair and manufacture speakers in Matsumoto’s garage. It has since grown to international stature as a manufacturer of audio and video products for use at home, in the car and in business environments.   » . . . . . Continue reading → Ultimate Pioneer KURO PDP-5020FD Plasma TV

The Match V – Ultra powered Gaming Machine

falconFalcon Northwest’s Mach V gaming desktop is a firecracker inside a beautiful aluminum chassis. The Mach V sports a spanking-new (Nehalem-based) Intel Core i7 965 Extreme processor that’s been over clocked from 3.2 GHz to 3.8 GHz using only air cooling. Added to this is more RAM than we’ve ever seen in a desktop machine–a whopping 12GB of DDR3-1066 memory–along with an Intel 80GB solid state drive for booting and a 1-terabyte, 7200-rpm Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000 hard drive for storage. Hardcore Computer’s Reactor and Xi’s MTower HAF-SLI. The Xi pushes the limit for over clocking by cranking an older 3.33-GHz Core 2 Duo E8600 to an eyeball-popping 4.5 GHz, while the Reactor completely submerges its components in nonconductive oil.   » . . . . . Continue reading → The Match V – Ultra powered Gaming Machine

Change Your Body with the Fitness Club

I have always been thinking that I am not chubby, I only look chubby. But those who are suffering from obesity may appreciate the physical as well as social problems of extra contours around the waist and elsewhere. If you are the one suffering, have a look at Fitness Cube – a 30-in-1 exercise machine disguised as a high tech piece of furniture.   » . . . . . Continue reading → Change Your Body with the Fitness Club

Geeks Who?

Geeks are characterized by the tools they use. What all one should have to qualify to be called geek? Answer depends on whom you are asking.

Generally speaking, a geek should have a notebook (laptop) that helps them compute and do some other things anywhere. Of course the laptop should be Wi-Fi and Bluetooth supported. The laptop alone may not be enough so they must have flash drive(s). A small size keeps the hard disk portable; the capacity should match individual needs.   » . . . . . Continue reading → Geeks Who?

Flex Hours

Internet technologies have already changed the way we live and work. Collaborative technologies have given ways to telecommuting and many savvy concerns are taking advantages. Figures recently released by the CBI indicate that 46 per cent of UK businesses now entertain telecommuting as compared to just 14 per cent in 2006.

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