Mobile Phone Signal Extender

Mobile phones have already become the need of the time. “Just can’t live without mobiles,” many users say. (I wonder how we lived earlier). There is no denying of the fact that they are playing an important role in how we communicate and do things; some glitches notwithstanding.

One of the most annoying problems is when net work does not function well; you get calls dropped and or speech garbled and poor cell phone reception due to networks. At is for such situation that Mobile Phone Signal Extender comes handy. Simply mount the included antenna near a window and run the coax cable to the base booster unit. You get 2500 square feet of prime signal area (enough to cover 2-3 rooms on two different floors).

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Heated Traction Mats

Is it too early to talk about winter tools? Looking for winder products at this time of the yeas may save some money. Feeling the nip in the air made me think of traction mat that usually sits outside all winter long and whenever it begins to snow you flip it on. The Traction Mat heats up and melts snow off of your walkway, courtyards, backyards and or rooftops. Which means no more back breaking shoveling of snow. For some this is just another tool to be exercise with, but it is handy for those who are not fit to do this tough exercise.

Have a look at FrontGate Heated Traction Mats that has been designed to clear a clear path to your front door through snow and ice. Heated mat plugs into any standard 120V outlet, Non-slip, UV-protected rubber construction, 6′ cord and generates enough heat to melt 2″ of snow per hour.

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Technology and Education

Like all other fields of human activities, Internet and web technologies have transformed education sectors as well. Technologies can play even larger role in accelerating this positive change.

Have a look at developed economies where the ratio of computers to students is one to one. Computing has already become an integral tool in all disciplines. Web based education software has matured and students and teachers are linked together. Computing in the classroom have gone much beyond students doing Internet searches, sending e-mail and checking spelling, presentation programs and spreadsheets; all useful and helpful aids for students as well as teachers.

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Wi-Fi City

Wi-Fi is one of the latest and hottest advancement in web technologies. It is already creating waves and trend watchers are predicting how this will change the world or at least the usage of the Internet in the world.

Wi-Fi is a continuous transmission of high-bandwidth video and multimedia information. It serves the LAN (local area network) market. Simply put, it connects data devices with wireless transmissions. In other words, it enables computers to “talk” to the Internet without being connected to a modem, DSL or cable. Instead of “talking” via wires and cables, the computer is “talking” over the wireless Ethernet.

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Net Fridge

Those who have integrated web technologies in their lives are already using Internet appliances that includes not only devices such as personal digital assistants and smart phones but also kitchen appliance like fridge. How do you like a fridge that allows users to hang a laptop, digital photo frame or iPod dock on the door panel. Neat way to clear refrigerators of sticky notes, traditional notepads and calendars, while keeping grocery lists and schedules organized. No?

The Net Fridge is a version of the familiar kitchen appliance with a built-in computer that can be connected to the Internet. The Internet refrigerator is one item in a growing product category known as Internet appliances – Web-enabled versions of typical household utilities.

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Read My Thought

honda-asimoRobotics is developing and robots are reaching the next level of self-awareness (sort of). Honda’s ASIMO humanoid robot can now be controlled with thought alone – and with a little help from brain machine interface technology. Distinguishing brain activities with high precision without any physical motion, but just human thought alone has become possible.   » . . . . . Continue reading → Read My Thought

Who is Controlling Your Car?

car-2-car-communicationBMW has been researching systems for more than two years in conjunction with the Car 2 Car Communication Consortium, a partnership of car manufacturers and technology suppliers that includes Audi, Fiat, Honda and Renault. Now Cohda Wireless, an Australian technology start-up with a partnership of several European governments is also going to test vehicle communication system called Cohda intelligent transport system that is also aimed at cutting down road fatalities by half.   » . . . . . Continue reading → Who is Controlling Your Car?

Blur Ray Future Seems Blue

blu-ray-1Is Blu-ray technology destined to be a short-lived phenomenon, soon to be superseded by on-demand movies and other shows delivered via the Internet?

In consumer electronics, nobody knows anything, nobody can predict, they say. Analysts argue that Blu-ray players may not go main stream. No one knows if Blu-ray will ultimately succeed, nut we can have a look at its pluses; Blu-ray technology delivers the best picture quality, few users can connect their TVs to broadband, fast Internet speeds are needed to view HD content via the Web, sales are up and prices are dropping for Blu-ray players, Blu-ray has already entered the public’s awareness and Blu-ray is offering many support features for consumers’ use.   » . . . . . Continue reading → Blur Ray Future Seems Blue

Future Car

2007 Chevrolet Volt ConceptAutomotive manufactures are doing great efforts to get out of the ongoing global economic recession and also to keep the buyers engaged by offering new twists in automotive design and function.

All the future cars are both extremely fascinating and trendy. As we see in the insight offered by manufacturers or on display at your local auto show, they all look like the shinny ultra cool. Ever new car is much better in safety, and styling issues than the previous model. That is what makes discussing future cars very difficult indeed.   » . . . . . Continue reading → Future Car

Devulcanize Waste Tires and Walk Green

timberlandUsing a proprietary chemical reactant to devulcanize rubber, Green Rubber has found a way to recycle old auto tires. The company process the shredded tires to yield a 100% recycled form or a 50/50 blend of recycled plus virgin material. Soon, the blend is being used by Timberland to make soles for the shoes.

Putting trashed tires back in use (other than burning them during demonstrations on roads) is a big achievement on more than one account. Many rubber products will be made of vulcanized rubber, which is created by adding sulfur and heat to virgin rubber in order to make a tougher, more durable material.   » . . . . . Continue reading → Devulcanize Waste Tires and Walk Green

Men and Machines

thought_controlAdvanced Step In Innovative Mobility (Asimo) is one of a very few robots that can walk reliably on two legs. It is fitted with twin cameras in its head and is powered by 34 individual motors.

Lately, researchers at the Honda Research Institute has demonstrated the invention by using it to move the arms and legs of an Asimo humanoid robot. Honda hopes that by 2020 the robot will be in the market, affordable and capable enough, to help with simple tasks. An elaborate electronic helmet will allow the wearer to control a robot by thought alone.   » . . . . . Continue reading → Men and Machines

Reclaimed Thematic Table

reclaimed-furnitureWe are living in time when innovations and development are at the zenith. The innovative developments are fast changing the outlook and are having visible impact on what we need and use. In today’s global warming wary climate, the era of using cheap, beige toned products made out of has come to an end. People today not only want efficient and stylish designs, they also look for products that are unique, thematic and not going to end up polluting some landfill and leaching toxins. Don’t you?   » . . . . . Continue reading → Reclaimed Thematic Table

Gallium nitride (GaN) Radars

gallium-nitride-radarsRadars are used in military as well as civil sectors for many different purposes. Some of their usages include weather observation, air traffic control, and high resolution imaging along with various military radar applications such as ground penetration, ground and or air surveillance, target tracking, and fire control. In order to perform these precise and mostly critical functions, radar systems need next generation amplifiers that provide advantages in output power, bandwidth, and efficiency over conventional technology. What is more, radar use as well as their demand is increasing.   » . . . . . Continue reading → Gallium nitride (GaN) Radars

Energy Efficient Heating Solutions by Re-Verber-Ray

reverberrayExploring the literature of Science and Technology today, one can not more far without coming across Detroit Radiant Products. They have come a long ways since their inception in 1955 when they started as a small manufacturer of gas-fired infra-red heaters. Now they are leaders in high intensity ceramic burners used on our popular DR Series. Their trade name Re-Verber-Ray symbolizes and is world renown as the best in infra-red technology available today.   » . . . . . Continue reading → Energy Efficient Heating Solutions by Re-Verber-Ray

Moving the Sun with Rotary Hydraulic Actuators

rotary-hydraulic-actuatorsThose interested in Solar Energy might already be familiar with the 64MW Nevada Solar One – world’s third largest concentrated solar power plant. Located about 25 miles south of Las Vegas, the Plant spans 400 acres and generates approximately 129 million kWh of solar electricity annually, enough to provide power to more than 14000 homes, while emitting near zero carbon dioxide.   » . . . . . Continue reading → Moving the Sun with Rotary Hydraulic Actuators