5 Things Android can do that iOS can’t

Both iOS for the iPhone, and Android for everything else, are smartphone operating systems that provide a great deal of useful features. There are those who prefer the iPhone, and those that prefer Android phones. Regardless of your position on which of the two operating systems is better, there are some obvious features that the iPhone operating system could obviously benefit from if they were to copy Android. Here are five things that Android can do and iOS can not.   » . . . . . Continue reading → 5 Things Android can do that iOS can’t

Nesmuk Knife

nesmuk_knifeWe all need a knife or set of knives in out kitchens to peel potatoes or blucher chickens. But there are collectors, may be, who look for unique and most costly kitchen ware like Nesmuk – a diamond studded knife. I was wondering that this piece of art is to peel potatoes, to butcher chickens or to possess and to show?

Imagine what happens when Quintin Nel – reputed for his jewelry art – joins with Hoffmann/Pieper – the most well known blade smiths for producing a masterpiece among handmade knives? They create a masterpiece like Nesmuk.   » . . . . . Continue reading → Nesmuk Knife

ZeeVee ZvBox

Home security is one of the prime concerns in all societies. People go a long way to have peace of mind for securing home.

It used to be difficult to get your PC and HDTV to interact. Now it is easy. Thanks to recent developments in digital media accessories that link up with HDTV. Users can now sit back on the couch and watch content stored on or streamed from multiple PCs strewn throughout the house with the ease of using a single remote control.   » . . . . . Continue reading → ZeeVee ZvBox

Ride Bricycle

bricycleThe Bricycle is a greener alternative to the conventional automobile and fun. The Bricycle is a compact, light weight single passenger vehicle that is totally enclosed fiberglass monocoque recumbent trike with electric assist, rear disc brakes, a fully independent suspension and 21 speeds. This Bricycle is powered by a 48-volt motor at the front.

“We have read and heard various commentaries about “Global Warming” and even if the scientists are only half right, it doesn’t sound good. Even though many US city’s have been dying a slow economic death for the past 30 years due to the closing of many manufacturing industries, the air is still considered polluted by the automobile. Just drive through a major US city during rush hour traffic, crawling along on a freeway at 20 mile per hour. Add an accident or mechanical breakdown to the picture and you have many hundreds or thousands of horsepower providing a high level of comfort to something that isn’t going anywhere,” reads Bricycle site. This clearly explains the concept behind the Bricycle.   » . . . . . Continue reading → Ride Bricycle

Travel With HP iPAQ 310 Travel Companion

hp-ipaq-300-travel-companionWalking into the unknown might be tempting for travelers some time but mostly we all need directions to go about in an unfamiliar terrain. The HP iPAQ 310 Travel Companion can do just that (and much more). It gives turn by turn directions on an amazing, high definition 4.3 inches, colorful, WVGA Display Screen. The gadget has 128MB fast DDR memory with 2GB Flash Storage and 40 channel with Autonomy TTFF acceleration GPS.   » . . . . . Continue reading → Travel With HP iPAQ 310 Travel Companion

Diamond Studded BlackBerrys

diamond-studded-blackberryThis generation can claim seeing so many now taken for granted technologies coming of age in front of their eyes. I remember when rare users of the cell phones were spotted hanging big satchel on their shoulders carrying their cell phones. Then we saw sleekest, smartest and designers cell phones; some of them even being used as a piece of jewelry. Before almost anyone could afford one, BlackBerrys were a status symbol in itself. Once again they are becoming a status symbol; for the rich ones (price range is from $7000 to $20,000 plus). Not only that some of the cell phones have already become collectors’ delight.   » . . . . . Continue reading → Diamond Studded BlackBerrys

Handheld Globull

bull-globullEncrypted hard drive products are not new but encrypted data carrying devices are yet not very common. Lately, Bull Information Systems has unveiled a portable device designed Globull to carry data, and even a self-contained work environment, while on the move. Bull’s 60GB digital vault with built-in AES encryption will be available from next month. Globull will be on display at the InfoSecurity Europe 2009 exhibition in London from April 28 to 30, 2009. Globull is about the size of a PDA and features a small touch-screen display for user authentication. It contains a 60GB hard drive protected by a built-in security chip developed by Bull, which provides 256-bit AES encryption.   » . . . . . Continue reading → Handheld Globull

Cup of Coffee Up in the Space

on-orbit-coffee-cup“Necessity is the mother of invention” is an old axiom. Very true! Flying around the earth on Space Shuttle mission STS-126 Astronaut Donald Pettit did not like having his morning coffee out of an aluminum bag. It is then that he conceived a design for a zero gravity coffee mug. He calls it On-Orbit Coffee Cup. The actual cup was then designed Travis Baldwin.   » . . . . . Continue reading → Cup of Coffee Up in the Space

Office one the Move

in-dash-computerFast lane life and fierce competition demands mobile office. Thanks to collaborative and friendly technologies that this is already possible. Beyond having just a multifunctional mobile phone and laptop, Ford Work Solutions are taking another more functional approach. Ford now offers an in-dash computer with high-speed Internet access, remote computer access, GPS, and a Bluetooth wireless printer. Users can access data, generate invoices, and can perform all other business tasks while on the move. The system also features other options such as Tool Link, a RFID system to track tools needed for the job. Thais a real command post.   » . . . . . Continue reading → Office one the Move

How many calories did you burn today?

fitbit-trackerThe Fitbit Tracker is a wireless device that automatically tracks users’ exercise intensity, calories burned, the number of steps taken and the distance traveled. It will give users a good sense of how stressed you are too, since it tracks how long it takes you to get to sleep and how many times you wake up throughout the night. Data is wirelessly uploaded to the Fitbit website, so you can see your progress towards your goals.

Launched by Fitbit Inc. late last year, Fitbit is a very motivating gadget that seamlessly helps people follow a healthier lifestyle. The Company’s claim to fame is their aim to help people achieve everyday health and wellness. Fitbit provides a complete wellness solution focused on behavior change via awareness and motivation.    » . . . . . Continue reading → How many calories did you burn today?

Black Box in Your Car

carchipLike Black Box in an airplane, CarChip performs some of the tasks in a car. On-board diagnostics data was once available only to professional mechanics but thanks to the developing technologies and know hows, now any one can have this facility and stay informed.

CarChip (very aptly named) is one of the easiest ways to keep an eye on your young ones’ driving habits or see what your company drivers are doing while on the road? CarChip monitors speeding, braking, acceleration and data on what happened during the last 20 seconds before any collision. Users can remove the CarChip and download data that might be very useful for preventing accidents and or even crimes.   » . . . . . Continue reading → Black Box in Your Car

Two in One RED Digital Stills and Motion Camera System

red-logoRED (red.com) manufacturers of the digital video camera RED ONE have announced their new camera system called RED Digital Stills and Motion Camera System.

This is not just another video camera, the specs on the higher end sensors promise to rival those of current DSLRs. As with some other famous cameras (Nikon D90, Canon 5D Mark II), digital stills and digital video are converging. The configurable system from RED is so different. The RED Scarlet and RED Epic sensors can be combined and interchanged with different lens mounts, batteries, recording modules, lenses and so on. The idea is that the camera can be configured and tailored to your needs in many ways. What is more, as technology advances and new components become available, they will integrate into this system and users won’t have to upgrade their entire cameras.   » . . . . . Continue reading → Two in One RED Digital Stills and Motion Camera System

Philips’s new coffee maker ‘SENSEO’ with fresh milk container

philips-senseoPhilips and Douwe Egberts are launching a new coffee maker ‘SENSEO’ with fresh milk container that delivers coffees to consumers at the touch of a button.

The new SENSEO Latte Select coffee machine features an integrated, removable fresh milk container which automatically adds fresh frothed milk to make Cappuccinos, Latte Macchiatos or Café Lattes using a variety of Douwe Egberts coffee pods for total convenience at home.   » . . . . . Continue reading → Philips’s new coffee maker ‘SENSEO’ with fresh milk container

Audi R8 V10

My favorite car has to be the Audi R8, if I had endless amounts of cash this is the car I would buy, Audi has just released a new version, the Audi R8 V10.The Audi R8 V10 features a 5.2 litre V10 engine which pumps out a massive 525hp,   » . . . . . Continue reading → Audi R8 V10

Samsung 256GB SSD

samsung-256mb-ssdReaders remember when Samsung Electronics – one of the leaders in semiconductor technology – announced last month that it has begun mass producing 256 gigabyte (GB) solid state drives for use in notebooks and desktop PCs. With the addition of the high-speed 256GB drive, Samsung now offers the most extensive line of SSDs in the industry with 8, 16, and 32GB SSDs for low-density designs and 64, 128 and 256GB alternatives for the higher densities.   » . . . . . Continue reading → Samsung 256GB SSD