Car Crafts

Those who have been following Paris Car Show may be familiar with gadgets displayed there. Add a few of them and make your cars fun. First, fit a Zun sport bespoke grille. Buy them individually or as sets, depending on the vehicle, and there’s also a matt black option. Or join thousands of like-minded drivers who have taken to track days for some motoring fun. The DCS range of tiny video cameras makes it easy to record your automotive antics for the likes of YouTube. There’s a variety of options, with and without screens, including those suitable for mounting on the dashboard.

The latest sat nav’s from TomTom take mobile mapping to new heights. Aimed at the higher-mileage driver, the 3-models in the GO Live range are all equipped with a GPRS connection that gives constant up-to-date traffic, fuel price and weather info, together with a Google local search engine wherever you are. In addition, UK speed trap positions are shown. Bluetooth phone connectivity is standard and there are 100 standard voice commands making use both easy and safe.

Space is truly the final frontier simply because most of us don’t have enough of it. Recently launched, Sto-it aims to put that right by the simple exponent of utilizing the air above your car bonnet. Whether in an apartment car space or a home garage, you can create up to 3 cubic meters of storage but still have the same amount of room to park the car. The Sto-It cabinet measures 2.4m x 1.2m x 1m and is secured using a high-security Mul-T-Lock locking system.

One that I liked more is an off-road cart. The three-model Bocart range starts with the Bantam, which has a 5.5hp Honda engine, disc brakes and a two-year chassis warranty. At the top of the heap is the aptly named Extreme, with its powerful 13hp engine, enough to make the lightweight machine excitingly lively off-road. All have a full antiroll bar, parking brake and adjustable seat.

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