Canon HV30 – High Definition Camcorder

The Canon HV30 is the replacement model for the much celebrated HV20. The list of upgrades includes a 30fps frame mode (in addition to 24p and 60i), a better zoom toggle, an improved LCD, and a black paint job.

The lens has a 43mm filter diameter to accommodate that killer fish-eye or telephoto lens that will do an admirable job of capturing images. An automatic lens enclosure engages when the HV30 is turned on or off. To the left of the lens is a vertical panel containing a built-in flash, Instant AF sensor, and LED video light. Toward the rear are two switches – the Auto/P mode switch and the Tape/Memory Card switch. Toward the lens end is a rugged plastic port enclosure that houses the Mic, AV/Headphone, and Component-out jacks. Users can configure the AV jack correctly before using headphones. The built-in stereo microphone is mounted toward the lens end, evading hand interference.

Canon slapped a real Zoom toggle on the HV30 in place of the HV20’s thin strip of plastic. The Photo button is located behind the Zoom toggle. Another plus on the HV20, Canon chose not to tether the bit of plastic to the body of the camcorder. This time around Canon attached the plastic shield to the frame of the HV30.

The HV30 is as good as it gets, it puts out better quality than AVCHD now, and this will likely not change in recent years. So get it and have an enriching experience.

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