Black Box in Your Car

carchipLike Black Box in an airplane, CarChip performs some of the tasks in a car. On-board diagnostics data was once available only to professional mechanics but thanks to the developing technologies and know hows, now any one can have this facility and stay informed.

CarChip (very aptly named) is one of the easiest ways to keep an eye on your young ones’ driving habits or see what your company drivers are doing while on the road? CarChip monitors speeding, braking, acceleration and data on what happened during the last 20 seconds before any collision. Users can remove the CarChip and download data that might be very useful for preventing accidents and or even crimes.

CarChip is very simple device. Plug CarChip into the port found under the dashboard or steering wheel and it reads and stores data from your car’s on-board computers, continuously logging driving and engine performance.

What is more, CarChip also manufactures models specifically meant for business owners with one or more company cars. Say you are a moving company with large fleet of vehicles doing business on the road. Your key asset – vehicles – in on the move all the time. How the drivers behave when they’re on the road. How do they display the public face of your company. You can find out and stay in control just by plugging into your vehicle’s existing communication port, and notes every second of every trip.


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