Besides Dummies and Complete Idiots, Users’ Manuals Are For Rest of Us Too

When it comes to use of a new product, technology and or software one can divide people in different categories; some of the people are savvy and clue full, some are dummies, some others are ‘complete idiots’ – pun intended – and the rest of us.

Let us have a look at Dummies first. Despite the title, publisher of Dummies – prolific series of instructional books which are intended to present non-intimidating guides for readers new to the various topics covered – takes pains to emphasize that the books are not literally for dummies. The subtitle for every book is “A Reference for the Rest of Us!

Similarly the Complete Idiot’s Guide are reference books that provide a very basic understanding of seemingly difficult topics. This is accomplished by using very basic words and terminology to explain different facets of a topic. Definitions of words, profiles of people and a synopsis of events for context are also provided when necessary. They are very similar to the For Dummies books.

As I also fall in ‚the rest of us’ category, I need to know detail information about features, specifications, and other explanations about most new products I am to use in life and at work. I also need to find out parts and functions, the control panel buttons and their locations. How to set up, software installation, networking, troubleshooting (general troubleshooting tips) and the like. That is what makes me read users’ manual before I unpack and start using. Therefore, apart from dummies and ‚complete idiots’, users’ manuals are for all of us too.

Users’ manuals are one of the best and first help to know anything. They are useful throughout the life of the product. During the successful operations over time, one tends to forget where user manual has been lost. That is when everyone can look up or user’s manual available online.

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