BeanVac Coffee Bean Canister

Readers here might already be familiar with our love for coffee (Remember My Cup of Coffee). Searching the technology and invention echelons around the world today, BeanVac Coffee Bean Canister caught and held my attention. This is wonderful utility for coffee lovers.

Coffee, the number one caffeinated beverage in the world – contains thousands of volatile compounds, many of which quickly break down in the presence of oxygen. When you feel chocolately smell from a bag of old coffee, you are smelling those compounds that have oxidized. If you made coffee with those grounds, it would taste insipid and truly awful. Which is why they say that fresh coffee should really be stored in an air tight container to maximize freshness (this is true for so many other eatables). What is more, if you were able to remove the air from the container, the beans would last much longer. Cyber-enhanced simian engineers have developed the BeanVac Coffee Bean Canister to do just that.

This is a simple battery powered pump that sucks out the air creating a partial vacuum inside the bean chamber, retarding oxidization, and extending the deliciousness of your beans. Before only lasting days, now your coffee beans remain as fresh as you opened them for weeks. The valves are double sealed to maintain a vacuum, and a sensor automatically activates the pump should the pressure change.

Are you wondering how people used to keep their coffee beans before this came up? Don’t. Move on with time and try BeanVac Coffee Bean Canister.

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