Ask Robot to Mow Your Lawn

evatech-goat-robot-22tMowing a lawn is a healthy activity and hobby for some and it is a tough labor for many others. Mowing an undulating hillside is ever harder hassle.

Those who need to mow the hillside like any other landscape must try a lawn mower that looks like a tank and work wonderful. Have a look at the Evatech GOAT Robot 22T. Evatech is a corporation that is famous for using innovation, creativity, and engineering to design and develop easy to use residential and commercial products. Evatech GOAT Robot 22T can be controlled by radio from up to a half mile away and can mow up a 70 degree steep slope. The treads like a tank grab a hold and provide secure footing all the way up. And it can move up that steep hillside at speeds reaching 8 miles per hour. What is more, the Goat can also become an awesome snowplow in winters.

Kawasaki 6.75HP horse power gas engine Robot’s other features include wireless electric engine starting system, 24 Volt Hybrid system and track driven. Drive wheel diameter is 13 inches, weight: 190 lbs, torque: 76 N-m, slope: 60-70 degrees. It seems a good idea to ask Robot to mow your lawn while you sit back and enjoy. No?

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