Are You Still Wearing Wristwatch?

porsche-design-chronographThose who have read The Pioneers, Mass Production and New Technologies line of three books by Phaidon Press may be familiar with classic designs of various products in a number of categories to identify true modern design classic watches. Phaidon Press have vividly explained the series of icons of great and innovative design of watches that helped shape the great designs we see people who wear wristwatches using.

In this time when you have time set in almost any gadget, wristwatches still do two things: they provide us with the time and help transform the look of the wearer. Wristwatches are still precious instruments that we rely upon in modern times that provide such rich variety and purpose.

The Phaidon Press design classics book series have sifted through technological and pop culture history to identify the best and most lasting designs from the rich world of modern design classic watches. The collection includes those watches that defined the wearer to those that defined our perception of precision.

Here Techno Station give a peek into a design that is coming in Phaidon Press’s next series of books.

Those who gave us the original Porsche 911 also designed the world’s most utilitarian modern watch that people still want to wear. Utterly simple lines on the 1972 Porsche Design Chronograph provided a perfect blend of function and form, almost hiding the modern minimalist design elements. The typically matte-finished watch with its lug-less design was an understated piece of wrist instrumentation that was a perfect complement for any “calculated” man. Are you a calculated man?

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