T-Mobile G1 with Google’s Android software

Have you had a closer look at an Android – HTC phone, called as the T-Mobile G1 -yet? It is the first phone that runs Google’s Android software, and it is probably going to create waves.

HTC, T-Mobile and Google’s combined labor of love, this wonderful phone has a 3.2 inches long touch screen. Like iPhone users can orient the phone vertically as well as horizontally. And they can stick a bunch of icons onto that main screen for the apps or functions that they use frequently. Get single-click access to Google Maps, including features such as satellite maps, traffic conditions, and street views or tap once to get Gmail, YouTube, Google Calendar, and Google Talk (for chat).

Google Search will fetch results just like the desktop version. Results can be prioritized based on location, so that the search results will show what is closest to any position. That makes finding things easier. HTC has also included a MyFaves icon, which is the T-Mobile interface for speed-dialing your friends or mother.

Beyond the basic Google apps, add your own; visit the Marketplace for Android apps and buy whatever you want. The apps are sorted by alphabetical order or by popularity. Search for things and buy them with a couple of clicks.

The best part is that text-messaging on this phone is far better than any other hand held device. The HTC G1 has a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. The keys themselves are raised in five rows. There is plenty of space in between the raised letters. The keyboard seems too small to try to do touch-typing with your fingers all bunched over the ASDF JKL keys but it is still a big improvement because it is so tactile.

Text messages show up on the screen, with one line showing from each message. You can peak at five or so subject lines at the same time. But the cool thing is that the messages are threaded. That is, you can see the reply directly underneath a text message so that you know which messages belong together. The phone has a web browser, a built-in microphone and speaker, GPS navigation, 350 minutes of talk time and 402 hours of standby time.

What more any savvy user can ask for?

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