Alternative Energy Sources in Auto Industry


Given the vehicles dependent lifestyle, what are the prospects of a low carbon economy in the future. Bleak, to say the least. But we have the choice.

Culture in all societies are auto dependent. As per empirical observation, given chance, very few people want to use public transport to and from work or for other usual commutes. People who use public transport are much more likely than other to be from lower rungs of the society.

Have a look at the statistics in the developing countries and one can find out how affordability has increased to the contribution of more carbon emission. Reason; anyone who can afford likes to buy a car as a first preference. “It is a necessity,” it is said. Hence growing use of own transport, which means more vehicles on the roads.

In addition to poor state of public transport system in most countries, preferences of not using public transport can be attributed to the very long term personal preferences of people; status consciousness, ability to being alone in cars, for being free to go anywhere and at any time.

The auto industrial move to use electricity from solar or wind or geothermal farms has still not taken off. Similarly, another choice to convert to hybrids – high-energy, low-carbon society – is also a promise as yet. Shift to hybrids is also a huge jump. If adopted, hybrid society would mean worldwide fleet of a billion hybrid vehicles in China and a further billion in India.

One would wish to see accelerated use of various alternatives in auto industry. Sadly, this has not started happening yet.

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