5 Things Android can do that iOS can’t

Both iOS for the iPhone, and Android for everything else, are smartphone operating systems that provide a great deal of useful features. There are those who prefer the iPhone, and those that prefer Android phones. Regardless of your position on which of the two operating systems is better, there are some obvious features that the iPhone operating system could obviously benefit from if they were to copy Android. Here are five things that Android can do and iOS can not.

1. Customizable Home Screens

The ability to move icons around and change the background is nice, but there are those who want to have a deeper level of control over the customization offered by the their phone. Android phones are capable of this. Having the ability to add widgets to the home screen provides for more functionality than is offered by the iPhone. Being able to place apps directly on the home screen is useful for a large number of users. Having real time whether information, or a search bar, are just a few examples.

2. Multitasking

While it might be true that iOS is better at managing the amount of RAM that is being used by the phone, Android is far superior when it comes to allowing apps to continue getting things done in the background. Not everything can be accomplished instantaneously, and it is nice to have the ability to allow a task to complete while you are running a different application on the main screen. Multitasking also makes it much simpler for applications to work together with one another in order to get things done.

3. Mobile Hotspot

This is perhaps one of the most useful features provided by the Android operating system. Using your phone as a way to connect other devices to the internet is incredibly useful, specially for those that have several Wi-Fi capable devices that they want to take full advantage of. Those who are not prone to buying a great deal of gadgets would, of course, be less likely to use this feature, but virtually anybody will end up using it at some point if their phone has the capability. Being able to share your internet connection with others is another advantage of this capability.

4. Keyboard Apps

Applications that modify the keyboard, like Swype, provide users with more functionality from their keyboard. Swype lets users type just by dragging their finger across the keyboard. Other customizations can change the layout of the keyboard in ways that can make it easier to use. The iPhone keyboard has been mocked by some as too difficult to use usefully. In contrast, if you don’t like the standard Android keyboard, there are a large number of other options to choose from.

5. Flash

In order to view a lot of animated content, or use interactive features on the web, you need Flash. Android can run flash, but the iPhone can’t. Furthermore, Steve Jobs has publicly said that it never will.

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